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A unique experience in the heart of Corfu

For one more summer season and on its 7th year of service, Imabari, your favorite all-day seaside destination is back to become again the ultimate meeting point, right at the heart of Corfu. Your daily rendezvous for swimming, coffee, food and cocktails. Here is where the fun begins!
This holiday season we welcome pop-up restaurant The Royal Monkey to our family. The well-travelled Royal Monkey who has been loved by the Athenians is travelling to Corfu to take over the kitchen, as well as the restaurant area at Imabari, serving dishes with multicultural flavours.
Situated right below the Old Palace, which is now the Museum of Asian Arts, Imabari is the only spot within the city of Corfu with access to the beach. Explore our services every day, from early in the morning until late at night.

The Royal Monkey on Royal Holidays Menu

Are you ready to taste flavours that will travel you around the world? 
Our new menu has been crafted by chef Yiannis Liokas and is based on the west-means-east mentality.
Breakfast, brunch or dinner… 
Our food menu is comprised by options that eloquently combine techniques and ingredients from around the world, offering a fusion cuisine that you would want to taste again and again 
You can opt in for a light snack while sunbathing in your sun-lounger or you can proceed to the open plan restaurant area where big tables and comfortable chairs are situated right by the water, which makes it so much easier for you to enjoy the summer breeze.
Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, you will love the gastronomic delights of The Royal Monkey from the very first bite!

The Cocktails Menu

Sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, fruit or umami? What type are you?
The experienced mixologists of Imabari will help you to choose the flavours that fit most to your taste.

Cocktails, Spirits & More

Taste our unique signature cocktails available from early in the morning until late at night.
 We combine unique recipes with a twist and only the best blends from all around the planet to pour into your glass.

Our menu also includes a great selection of carefully selected rums, premium spirits, liquors, as well as nutritional smoothies and much more. Cheers!

by Imabari Corfu